Transforming tomorrow

Accelerate the Next 75 Years of Scientific Breakthroughs

75 years of partnership. 75 years of breakthroughs. 75 years of science education.

75 years of American Committee support for the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Learn about the Transforming Tomorrow Campaign by watching our film. It celebrates our milestone anniversary, highlights the American philanthropic relationship with the Weizmann Institute, and welcomes you to join us as we accelerate the next 75 years of scientific breakthroughs.

Transforming Tomorrow - Accellerate the Next 75 Years of Scientific Breakthroughs


The Transforming Tomorrow Campaign has a goal as forward-looking as the Weizmann Institute itself: to raise $75 million a year through 2019 in support of our 75th anniversary. We aim to shape the future of science and effect major change – not just for the Institute, but for everyone, everywhere.

Our Campaign
Our Impact
The Weizmann Institute attracts the top scientists in the world and then allows them the freedom to follow their instincts.
Dr. Gladys Monroy and Larry Marks
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Why Give

It takes a visionary to appreciate the significance of basic science research, to understand its potential to do no less than create the future.

Are you a visionary? Help the Weizmann Institute’s scientists make the breakthroughs that improve life for everyone, everywhere.

Why give
Our Impact
What’s been done in Weizmann Institute labs has changed the world, and we can tell you firsthand that it saved a very precious life.
Kari and Tom Whitehead
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