Gift Recognition

The U.S.-Weizmann International Residence

Transforming Tomorrow

Just as our donors honor the American Committee and the Weizmann Institute of Science with their generosity, we honor them in return. Philanthropists who support the Transforming Tomorrow Campaign will be recognized at the U.S.- Weizmann International Residence—yet another stunning structure on the campus in Rehovot already renowned for its architecturally significant buildings. The name of each donor who contributes $25,000 or more to the Campaign will be inscribed on a prominent plaque in the lobby of this new building.

The U.S.-Weizmann International Residence will be 15 stories tall and contain approximately 120 units. This state-of-the-art residence will house postdoctoral fellows from around the globe. It will be sited near the recently renovated Clore House, which provides housing to graduate students.

The past few years have seen brilliant young PhDs from the Americas, China, Europe, and India applying to Weizmann in record numbers. This welcome trend is expected to continue and to increase. With this new building, we will help to address a critical need of the Weizmann Institute: on-campus housing for postdoctoral fellows from abroad.

Each postdoc stays at the Weizmann Institute for several years as part of a world-class scientific research team. It is crucial for these international postdocs to live on the Institute campus during that time, enabling them to become fully immersed in Weizmann’s unique culture of collaboration, working together and inspiring each other.

Foreign scientists who have positive experiences during their residence become powerful ambassadors for the Institute and for Israel.

Perhaps most important, the bonds forged in the Institute’s labs and common spaces between Weizmann scientists and their international colleagues lead to personal relationships and professional collaborations that last for years after their time together in Israel.

The American Committee is proud not only to underwrite the construction of the U.S.- Weizmann International Residence, but also to help build human bridges between the Institute and the global scientific community.

We can think of no better way to celebrate our 75th anniversary—and to accelerate the next 75 years of scientific breakthroughs—than by helping advance the careers of the next generation of brilliant scientists who come to Weizmann from around the world.

Gift Recognition