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It takes a visionary to appreciate the significance of basic science research, to understand its potential to do no less than create the future.

Are you a visionary? Help the Weizmann Institute’s scientists make the breakthroughs that improve life for everyone, everywhere.

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The year 2019 is a milestone in the life of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science. It marks 75 years since a handful of visionary leaders rallied like-minded Americans in support of a small research facility in what would become the State of Israel. 75 years that have seen the Weizmann Institute transform into a globally renowned powerhouse of basic science research. 75 years of Institute-developed drugs, products, technologies, and ideas changing – and saving – lives worldwide. 75 years of young scientists growing into the finest researchers in cancer, neuroscience, alternative energy, computer science, chemistry, astrophysics, biology … 75 years of American philanthropy helping the Institute transform tomorrow.

These accomplishments have made a tremendous difference in the world, and our goal in establishing the Transforming Tomorrow Campaign is to carry the Weizmann Institute even further.

In addition to our 75th anniversary, the Campaign comes at a time of profound global change. Science is more important now than ever – as is supporting STEM education, increasing the numbers of women in science, international sharing of knowledge, and harnessing the power of revolutionary technologies. Whether you are new to the Institute or a longtime friend, we hope you will join us.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Sir Isaac Newton

Our Achievements

For 75 years, forward-thinking American supporters have helped the Weizmann Institute invent, expand, advance, and thrive. And even beyond its scientific breakthroughs, the Institute today is an international model of excellence, renowned for its success in technology transfer – moving discoveries from the lab to the marketplace – and for its numerous patents, as well as the degree of impact its findings have on other research.

As we enter an era of rapid technological development, a number of recent leaps forward have launched whole new fields and revolutionized scientific research – and Weizmann scientists are again taking the lead, building on our history of achievements in health and medicine, cancer, the environment, education, technology, and more to make tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Our Campaign: Transforming Tomorrow
Like our founders in 1944, we have the opportunity to effect major change – not just for the Weizmann Institute, but for everyone, everywhere.
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The Environment

Weizmann Institute scientists are solving tomorrow’s threats to our planet, today. They are developing mathematical formulas to predict rainfall with greater accuracy; creating crops that can grow in harsh climates and with less need for pesticides; designing nanomaterials to serve as engine lubricants, thus reducing air pollution; studying ways to protect and conserve water, our most valuable resource; and growing a forest in a desert to study carbon dioxide and climate change. They are getting bacteria to help solve our garbage problem; inventing a method to remove toxins from the water supply; and studying algae for clues to global warming and as a fuel source.

Health & Medicine

The Weizmann Institute’s myriad successes in medicine include laying the foundation of amniocentesis, establishing the basis of two FDA-approved frontline drugs for multiple sclerosis, inventing a non-invasive method for diagnosing breast cancer, and creating an immunotherapy technique that is today saving the lives of cancer patients.

Our scientists are also working toward a vaccine to reverse Alzheimer’s and other signs of aging in the brain, revealing that our gut microbiome affects our health and well-being to an astonishing degree, and developing a prostate cancer treatment that is now entering the global market. Advances in personalized medicine and gene editing could even eliminate some diseases forever.


Technology research has been a foundation of Weizmann Institute science since its early days, when pioneering mathematicians and engineers built Israel’s first computer – thus also laying the groundwork for the country’s powerful high-tech economy. Today, their equally innovative successors are building miniscule biocomputers out of DNA and developing quantum computers.

They are also using cryptography to secure our privacy in the new digital age, employing machine learning in fields from neuroscience to artificial intelligence, and deciphering big data, which holds the keys to so many mysteries. Immensely powerful telescopes have opened a window to the universe, with Weizmann taking its place in a global network of astrophysicists.


Sharing the love of science has always been a key part of the Weizmann Institute’s mission, and it extends to everyone: schoolchildren and senior scientists, high school graduates and high school teachers, the underprivileged student and the gifted – and, crucially, the general public. As Weizmann President Prof. Daniel Zajfman says, at a time when our world is increasingly reliant on science to solve unprecedented problems, an open-minded, science-literate citizenry is essential.

Thanks to committed philanthropists, more than 70 programs at the Weizmann Institute’s Davidson Institute of Science Education provide instruction and engagement – both in person and online – to students and the broader community. Our renowned Feinberg Graduate School attracts master’s and doctoral students from all over the world. Conferences bring foreign scientists – and new perspectives – to campus, igniting collaborations and the exchange of fresh ideas.